Breastfeeding during Covid 19

At present, data are not sufficient to conclude the vertical transmission of COVID-19 through breastfeeding. In infants, the risk of COVID-19 infection is low, the infection is typically mild or asymptomatic, while the consequences of not breastfeeding and separation between mother and child can be significant. The benefits of breastfeeding and nurturing mother-infant interaction are to prevent infection and promote

Do Breastfeeding makes Children smarter?

Now, research at the Children's National hospital in Washington, DC has shown that breast milk increases the number of biochemicals that are important for brain growth and development, which could provide an early marker of improved cognition. WHO and UNICEF state that breastfed children who perform better on intelligence tests are less likely to be overweight or obese and less

World Breastfeeding week 2021

World Breastfeeding Week dates back to 1979 when WHO started a battle against baby foods being promoted in the market, and brands interfering in breastfeeding in hospitals. Globally, it was noticed that powdered milk formula had a negative impact on the health of children, and something needed to be done. In 1990, agencies and lawmakers got inspired by the breastfeeding
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